The most common complaint that I hear from parents is that kids don’t come with an owner’s manual!  The problems we face raising our children can be glaringly obvious at times.  What’s not so obvious is what to do about it!!

I offer a 6 week, 18 hour class that focuses on the 2 most important aspects of creating change in your parenting: what to do, and how to manage yourself and your thinking so that you are able to do what you need to do.

Join me and learn to:

  • focus on problem solving without judging the child
  • identify your parenting goals
  • understand the reasons behind your child’s behavior
  • help your children feel good about themselves
  • get comfortable with feelings and their expressions
  • discipline with kindness
  • unify your family
  • encourage children to be responsible for their actions
  • use logical and natural consequences
  • drop power struggles and develop win/win strategies
  • eliminate sibling rivalry and enrich sibling relationships
  • use positive communication skills
  • have more fun

Parenting is just like anything else in life you would want to do well.  If you want to do the best job you can do, tune up your skills and up your game.  Read, practice, discuss, bring in resources, call an expert and get some new ideas.   When you have some new skills in hand, a change in your thinking, and a willing heart, you get results. 

 I recommend both parents taking the class together whenever possible as a first step. I am also available for private parenting coaching either in person or by telephone as needed.  In addition, I work  individually helping moms and dads resolve whatever longstanding personal issues there might be that affect their ability to parent in present time.

Parenting our children is the one arena in which every parent wants to be successful. We want to bring our best to our children. It’s worth the investment of time and energy to make that happen. It is my true joy in life to be part of that process for families.