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    Nagging doesn’t work! Punishment doesn’t work! Spanking doesn’t work, either — at least, not in the long run! And for most of us parents, spanking, nagging and punishment represent the majority of our disciplinary skills. It’s no wonder that parents can feel discouraged from time to time.

    Parenting on Purpose offers a fresh look at the art of parenting. It is a six week, 18 hour course designed to help parents and professionals develop the skills to deal with children’s behaviors in a positive and loving way. The goal of the class is to share strategies that will help families cooperate more effectively, share feelings more honestly, and to have more fun.

    Through a unique and experiential approach, the class assists participants in defining their parenting goals and understanding the real reasons behind children’s behaviors. We discuss liberating communication techniques, how to discipline with kindness, and how to encourage responsibility and respect. The result is often increased self-esteem for both parent and child. The bottom line is that children don’t need to suffer to learn, and neither do we!

    The class experience is often a very personal one. As attitudes shift, participants are able to create new levels of closeness and unity within their families. And, beyond the concern we all have with our children’s behaviors, what people are really seeking is family closeness.

    This approach is appropriate for all age children, and all family situations, whether you are currently experiencing a challenge, or not.

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