Children’s Testimonials

“This sixth grade boy has gone from F’s to A’s !!”

Sydney has provided a positive and supportive and atmosphere for my son using Brain Gym, Brain Reflex Integration and other methods. Her work with my son is so much more than just Brain Gym. The positive energy generated in just one session has positive impact for him all week long and Sydney is able to address a myriad of issues that he finds challenging in a fun and non-intrusive way.  He’s like a different person!  This is good stuff!

JS, mother and school administrator

We were desperate.  Our 8 year old youngest child’s behavior was out of control.  Keith’s tantrums completely controlled our family life.  We had trouble going out in public together and often had to cut short family activities when he didn’t get his way.  At home, he damaged walls and doors, and broke lamps and whatever else was within reach when he had a meltdown.  Our other children resented the time and attention Keith required, we felt like absolute failures as parents, and  Keith himself felt a lot of shame and remorse after an incident.  Since taking the “Parenting on Purpose” class and having Keith work individually with Sydney using Brain Gym and Brain Reflex Integration, our lives have turned around. Our wonderful little boy is back and we couldn’t be happier. He hasn’t had a meltdown in almost a year. The surprising thing is how quickly it happened!  We saw improvement right away, which was almost unbelievable.

We wholeheartedly recommend Sydney Shepperd and the work she does.  We are thankful every single day that we found her.

TM, father of 3 and financial advisor
LM, mother of 3 and RN

After taking the “Parenting on Purpose” class, we brought one of our teenaged daughters in to see Sydney for private sessions.  Mary was having mood swings and truancy problems and it was very difficult to get her to pay attention to the rules of our house.  She was argumentative and verbally abusive.  Everyday was a fight.  As soon as Sydney began working with Mary, tensions eased and we began to be able to talk to each other again.  We began to see  improvements in behavior and compliance.  Sydney identified a deeper underlying issue and we were able to get Mary into a program that she really needed.  She completed the program and has the ongoing medical care she needs.  Mary has now graduated from high school and is taking classes at a community college, as well as holding down a part time job.  Sydney has continued to work with Mary and support her in dealing with the ups and downs of life.  We will be forever grateful to Sydney for her insight, love, support, professionalism and brilliance with her knowledge of the relationship of behavior and how the brain functions.

RG, father of 5 and software engineer
LG, mother of 5 and division manager