I work with children individually for behavioral, developmental, emotional and/or academic concerns.  Sessions run about an hour, but may be shorter (for very young children) or longer (for teens) as dictated by the needs and age of the child.  A typical session will primarily consist of Brain Gym, Brain Reflex Integration and a limited amount of coaching and strategizing, again per the age and needs of the child.  With children, everything is about learning and the joy of discovery, so I use movement, play, and fun as much as possible.

I see children beginning in infancy through the teen years for issues such as:

  • Developmental milestones
  • Academic performance and learning issues
  • Organization and self management
  • Social issues and friendships
  • Anger, moodiness, self entitlement, acting out
  • Helping kids manage their behaviors and choices
  • Family relationships, including divorce related concerns
  • Physical skills maturation and development
  • Issues of self worth and confidence/discouragement
  • Anxiety and anxiety based disorders
  • Autism and spectrum related diagnoses
  • Mental health issues
  • ADD and ADHD

This work is completely complementary and compatible with any other forms of intervention your child might be receiving, such as medical care, occupational or physical therapy.

During a session, I require at least one parent to be present.  It is important that the child who is the client be the focus of the session and free from distraction, and that the parent present be available for coaching and instruction on any “homeplay” needed.  To that end, I ask parents not to bring siblings and/or other children to the session.

My goal for the children who are my clients is that they are supported in the very big job of growing up and becoming an adult, that they know that they are wonderful just as they are, and that more is open to them.  I really enjoy the children I work with and they know it!