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Parent Testimonials


Sydney, through Parenting on Purpose, has been an incredible resource, knowledge base, and parenting guide for us.  During times of smooth sailing, it’s easy to be a parent.  When times get rough, and we’ve exhausted our own ideas and reserves, Sydney is there to calm, reorient, and reinforce.  She has a wonderful ability to see the real issues at hand and gives parents real life tools to make a change in family behavior.  She is also a great source of comfort to parents who struggle to do their best, but sometimes feel at a loss as to what to do, or feel that they have done something wrong.  She seems to truly understand the motivations and needs of both children and adults, and has a way with children that is disarming and respectfully firm.  She has years worth of experience to lend a helpful hand or give a piece of well thought out advice, always given with kindness and honesty.  She gives much needed fresh perspective to a given situation and concrete ways to help yourself, and your child out of a routine that is not working.  We learned that the parent/child relationship is a dance, and that we can change the tune of our partner by doing something different ourselves.  What an “ah ha” experience!  The Parenting on Purpose class is not just a class where parents listen and take notes.  We are active participants in what is being taught, we learn by doing in our own homes, and by sharing with the other parents in the class.  This process turned out to be one of the most helpful and enlightening parts of the course.  Thank you, Sydney!

D.B., mother of 2
MB, father of 2 and financial advisor

Hi Sydney-

I enjoyed both the class and you so much and had to share with you the progress we have made.

One of my main reasons for wanting to take the class was because I was feeling really disconnected from Matthew (age 6).  He rarely wanted hugs, kisses or snuggles from me and when he would tolerate them, they weren’t heart felt.   Fast forward to yesterday when I was going to the grocery store….Matthew said,” Wait mom…hugs and kisses, hugs and kisses, hugs and kisses!” and then showered me with both!  My heart was just singing all day and continues to do so.  This is just one example I know, but I wanted you to know that you made a difference in us and our family.

Thank you so very much Sydney!

LA, mother of 5

Thanks Sydney,

I really enjoyed class. You are such a natural at explaining these concepts. It is very freeing to not feel like I’m the judge, jury and executioner! My only regret is that I didn’t sign up for your class years ago. I’m so looking forward to the next class!

TD, mother of 2

Hi Sydney,

I hope this note finds you well a week after our class finale.  I can’t tell you how much the course affected me and my determination to change the history of parenting in my family starting with me, and the way my husband and I parent our children.  As a teacher, too, I am so sad that this wisdom is lacking in the classroom and in any course you take for a teaching credential and beyond. People do better when they feel better…how true!  Thanks again for a life-changing class!

TL, mother of 2 and elementary school teacher

Sydney Shepperd’s “Parenting on Purpose” sessions are “The New York Yankee Workshop” of parenting because she gives you the specific plans, techniques, and tools to create a remarkable relationship with your child.  Sydney’s techniques are not esoteric but instead are rooted in common sense and she personalizes them for you to help you more easily resolve and dissolve your specific situations.  Before Sydney, we thought there was something wrong with our child.  After Sydney, we now realize there was something wrong with our approach.  Sydney is a special, gifted artisan and her “Parenting on Purpose” sessions have changed our lives for the better.

SB, mother of 2 and elementary school teacher
CB, father of 2 and CFO

My husband and I first took Parenting on Purpose with Sydney when our son was just 3 years old.  I remember being at the class and feeling this great sense of relief.  I knew that we were in the right place and that Sydney would have an incredible impact on our lives.  Before having kids I worked as a Juvenile Probation Officer and as an investigator for Child Protective Services- but boy was I overwhelmed with raising my own two kids.  I highly recommend this course- my husband and I have also taken the refresher course for graduates of  “Parenting on Purpose” and loved it as well.  My kids and I also have seen Sydney for Brain Gym on and off for several years and although I don’t understand how it works I know it does and I will forever be grateful to her for all she has done for us. Sydney Shepperd is a gift from God.

KR, mother of 2 and homemaker

With great enthusiasm we recommend taking the class, ”Parenting on Purpose” taught by Sydney Shepperd.  This was truly the best parenting class we have ever attended.  Sydney gives strategies you can use immediately.  Our favorite part was that you learn to empower your children by disciplining with love and choices.  Sydney gives you concrete examples of common issues parents have with children in a safe interactive group setting.  In addition, she teaches with humor and grace.  We found both the examples and suggestions very practical and useful in our day to day life.  This is the one class you don’t want to miss!

TP, father of 2 and salesman
JP, mother of 2 and elementary school teacher

The “Parenting on Purpose” class has been very helpful and empowering to me both as a parent and in my work life.  I have noticed more awareness and understanding of the reactions that I have both toward my children and my spouse, and an increased ability to deal with situations positively.  As a working mother, I have a lot of stress in my life and I have learned techniques that are benefiting me on a daily basis.  I highly recommend this class and all of Sydney’s work to friends, colleagues, and the parents of the students that I work with.  It’s a very positive, practical parenting course that helps you foster more loving relationships with everyone in your family.

BH, mother of 2 and school counselor

I have noticed a total paradigm shift in how I react to challenging situations.  I have not lost my temper once since I began the “Parenting on Purpose” course.  My wife had to bribe me to come with her, but honestly, I don’t want the sessions to end.  This class is a must for every parent!

RO, father of 2 and sr. hardware engineer

We’re happy to personally & publically endorse you and the class. We want to let you know how much we enjoyed your Parenting on Purpose class.  Our good friends recommended your class, we took it, and are grateful.  The approach you teach and the tools you provide found immediate application with our two daughters and have really helped us create a better environment for discipline and harmony in our family. We specifically liked the role-playing as it created a real-life atmosphere very much like we were experiencing prior to your class. I would like to encourage others to consider your class much like they would with a golf lesson or an art class – to build skills with the intent of getting better!

CB, mother of 2
DB, father of 2

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Adult Testimonials

Arthroscopic knee surgery in 2004 presented complications affecting my ability to weight-bear and walk normally. Soon it was evident this condition was more than temporary which impacted my life physically and emotionally.

Quite by chance, I met Sydney in January 2007. During our conversation she said, “I think I can help you.” She was so compassionate and kind, genuinely interested in my story. Tears in my eyes, I listened intently as Sydney told me about Brain Gym; she then suggested I do a little reading, talk to my husband and then, if I felt comfortable, schedule a consultation. Though skeptic by nature, it didn’t take me long to pick up the phone as I was willing to try anything to get my life back!

My first appointment was amazing! Skepticism lessened as I realized that Brain Gym activities could help my healing and everyday life. The rest is history and a continuing work in progress. As a result of Sydney’s expertise in Brain Gym and related modalities, I have experienced positive life changes.

Sydney‘s knowledge, dedication, caring, enthusiasm, encouragement and motivation have empowered me to take charge of learning and reach new levels of self-awareness. “Balances” have helped me relax, deal with emotions, recognize behaviors/thoughts that inhibit progress, overcome challenges, cope with lifestyle changes, and, above all, become more positive, self-accepting and confident. My walking has improved, but more importantly, Sydney has helped me realize that self-love is the stepping stone to healing and attaining personal goals.

Thanks to Sydney and The Whole Works, I have made significant progress and improved my quality of life. She has restored gold to my golden years, for which I am grateful! Sydney is the best!

BJS, wife, mother of 2, grandmother of 3

I first met Sydney when I attend a Parenting on Purpose class about 5 years ago. I have 2 boys, Conor and Rory, now aged 6 and 11 and was at my wits end about how to “discipline” them. The course really helped me understand the techniques and vision behind what “positive parenting” really means to both the parent and the child. I also found Sydney to be a compassionate and intelligent teacher who brings a lot of hands on experience and examples from her own experience as a mother and educator. I even talked my husband into taking  the course so we were on the same page about what discipline meant. He also felt the class was invaluable and even admitted he had fun! I still keep the course materials next to my bed to refer to. I soon found out that the issues with my boys are always evolving as they grow older.  I often refer to new areas of the course and re-read others depending on the current situation. I also joined a parenting support group that Sydney led for a while which was my life line (I wish there was a new one) and really learned a lot from the other mothers and their family issues.

When I first found out my youngest son was autistic, Sydney helped me with some personal sessions that involved Brain Gym which she also teaches.  She was also helpful in referring me to other resources that could help my son with some of his physical limitations and reflex issues.  And lastly, I just can’t say enough about what an incredible parent and person Sydney is. I have learned so much from her, and I can’t recommend her classes or other resources more highly.

LH, mother of 2 and marketing manager


The Parenting on Purpose class has improved my parenting peace of mind. It asked me to define a long-term vision for my relationships with my children. When parenting, I evaluate my role based on these long-term goals. This approach helps me to stay focused on what I think is important and enables me to let the rest go.  The whole family is happier as a result.


When dealing with an issue, I often experience a disconnect between what my logical side tells me and how I feel about it. The private sessions with Sydney help synchronize my intellectual and emotional points of view. I feel better able to deal with the issue at hand, and I often experience a sense of peace or calm.  I am better equipped to deal with the ups and downs of my life.

Additionally, Sydney is a compassionate and gifted practitioner. I feel very comfortable and safe having her help me work through issues.

JC, mother of 2

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Children’s Testimonials

“This sixth grade boy has gone from F’s to A’s !!”

Sydney has provided a positive and supportive and atmosphere for my son using Brain Gym, Brain Reflex Integration and other methods. Her work with my son is so much more than just Brain Gym. The positive energy generated in just one session has positive impact for him all week long and Sydney is able to address a myriad of issues that he finds challenging in a fun and non-intrusive way.  He’s like a different person!  This is good stuff!

JS, mother and school administrator

We were desperate.  Our 8 year old youngest child’s behavior was out of control.  Keith’s tantrums completely controlled our family life.  We had trouble going out in public together and often had to cut short family activities when he didn’t get his way.  At home, he damaged walls and doors, and broke lamps and whatever else was within reach when he had a meltdown.  Our other children resented the time and attention Keith required, we felt like absolute failures as parents, and  Keith himself felt a lot of shame and remorse after an incident.  Since taking the “Parenting on Purpose” class and having Keith work individually with Sydney using Brain Gym and Brain Reflex Integration, our lives have turned around. Our wonderful little boy is back and we couldn’t be happier. He hasn’t had a meltdown in almost a year. The surprising thing is how quickly it happened!  We saw improvement right away, which was almost unbelievable.

We wholeheartedly recommend Sydney Shepperd and the work she does.  We are thankful every single day that we found her.

TM, father of 3 and financial advisor
LM, mother of 3 and RN

After taking the “Parenting on Purpose” class, we brought one of our teenaged daughters in to see Sydney for private sessions.  Mary was having mood swings and truancy problems and it was very difficult to get her to pay attention to the rules of our house.  She was argumentative and verbally abusive.  Everyday was a fight.  As soon as Sydney began working with Mary, tensions eased and we began to be able to talk to each other again.  We began to see  improvements in behavior and compliance.  Sydney identified a deeper underlying issue and we were able to get Mary into a program that she really needed.  She completed the program and has the ongoing medical care she needs.  Mary has now graduated from high school and is taking classes at a community college, as well as holding down a part time job.  Sydney has continued to work with Mary and support her in dealing with the ups and downs of life.  We will be forever grateful to Sydney for her insight, love, support, professionalism and brilliance with her knowledge of the relationship of behavior and how the brain functions.

RG, father of 5 and software engineer
LG, mother of 5 and division manager