Adult Testimonials

Arthroscopic knee surgery in 2004 presented complications affecting my ability to weight-bear and walk normally. Soon it was evident this condition was more than temporary which impacted my life physically and emotionally.

Quite by chance, I met Sydney in January 2007. During our conversation she said, “I think I can help you.” She was so compassionate and kind, genuinely interested in my story. Tears in my eyes, I listened intently as Sydney told me about Brain Gym; she then suggested I do a little reading, talk to my husband and then, if I felt comfortable, schedule a consultation. Though skeptic by nature, it didn’t take me long to pick up the phone as I was willing to try anything to get my life back!

My first appointment was amazing! Skepticism lessened as I realized that Brain Gym activities could help my healing and everyday life. The rest is history and a continuing work in progress. As a result of Sydney’s expertise in Brain Gym and related modalities, I have experienced positive life changes.

Sydney‘s knowledge, dedication, caring, enthusiasm, encouragement and motivation have empowered me to take charge of learning and reach new levels of self-awareness. “Balances” have helped me relax, deal with emotions, recognize behaviors/thoughts that inhibit progress, overcome challenges, cope with lifestyle changes, and, above all, become more positive, self-accepting and confident. My walking has improved, but more importantly, Sydney has helped me realize that self-love is the stepping stone to healing and attaining personal goals.

Thanks to Sydney and The Whole Works, I have made significant progress and improved my quality of life. She has restored gold to my golden years, for which I am grateful! Sydney is the best!

BJS, wife, mother of 2, grandmother of 3

I first met Sydney when I attend a Parenting on Purpose class about 5 years ago. I have 2 boys, Conor and Rory, now aged 6 and 11 and was at my wits end about how to “discipline” them. The course really helped me understand the techniques and vision behind what “positive parenting” really means to both the parent and the child. I also found Sydney to be a compassionate and intelligent teacher who brings a lot of hands on experience and examples from her own experience as a mother and educator. I even talked my husband into taking  the course so we were on the same page about what discipline meant. He also felt the class was invaluable and even admitted he had fun! I still keep the course materials next to my bed to refer to. I soon found out that the issues with my boys are always evolving as they grow older.  I often refer to new areas of the course and re-read others depending on the current situation. I also joined a parenting support group that Sydney led for a while which was my life line (I wish there was a new one) and really learned a lot from the other mothers and their family issues.

When I first found out my youngest son was autistic, Sydney helped me with some personal sessions that involved Brain Gym which she also teaches.  She was also helpful in referring me to other resources that could help my son with some of his physical limitations and reflex issues.  And lastly, I just can’t say enough about what an incredible parent and person Sydney is. I have learned so much from her, and I can’t recommend her classes or other resources more highly.

LH, mother of 2 and marketing manager


The Parenting on Purpose class has improved my parenting peace of mind. It asked me to define a long-term vision for my relationships with my children. When parenting, I evaluate my role based on these long-term goals. This approach helps me to stay focused on what I think is important and enables me to let the rest go.  The whole family is happier as a result.


When dealing with an issue, I often experience a disconnect between what my logical side tells me and how I feel about it. The private sessions with Sydney help synchronize my intellectual and emotional points of view. I feel better able to deal with the issue at hand, and I often experience a sense of peace or calm.  I am better equipped to deal with the ups and downs of my life.

Additionally, Sydney is a compassionate and gifted practitioner. I feel very comfortable and safe having her help me work through issues.

JC, mother of 2